Attention Producers: Tracklib Has Made Sampling Music Easy

One of the biggest hurdles for up and coming producers today is figuring out how to sample music legally. The legalities of this process has made it a nightmare and has stifled the creativity of many. In comes Tracklib, a game-changing new service that has made it extremely easy and affordable for artists and producers to clear samples legally.

Legendary Hip-Hop producers Statik Selektah, Prince Paul, Erick Sermon and QuestLove have used this service and are ready to share their secret with all of us. Check out the video below with these music heavy-weights explaining how Tracklib has created an online marketplace where producers can discover, buy and license high-quality tracks from thousands of original recordings for the first time ever, with tracks starting at just $1.99.

The service boasts a catalog of over 50,000 tracks and is rapidly growing. The available tracks include all genres of music from Pop, to Blues and Reggae to the highly sampled hit “Impeach the President” by the Honeydrippers and “The Hook And Sling (Part 1)” by Eddie Bo. Every single song is available at a fair and fixed price, with sample clearance for as little as $50.

Musicians and producers can log onto the site now to request access at

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