Deacon Frey Joins The Eagles For Classic West Concert

When Glenn Frey of the Eagles passed away just a year and half ago, many Eagles fans were unsure if they were ever going to play again live in concert. But thanks to a little Dodger Stadium magic and Deacon Frey, the Eagles brought back the sounds they’ve been known to give fans for years.

Performing nearly every one of their major hits, the Eagles band which now amounts to about 10 members, proved that they stil got it. Don Henley still has the voice all while playing drums, Joe Walsh can still hit his guitar licks and Timothy B can still hit the high notes.

If you didn’t have the feels when they performed “Desperado” at the end of this one you don’t know the history of the Eagles how important this seemingly memorial show was. Nothing more to say, check this out below! One of the greatest rock bands of ALL TIME!

Classic moment when Bob Seger came out!

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