Tidal x Sprint Jay:Z 4:44 Listening Session At 1Oak

Now that we are done making the necessary adjustments to our life per Jay:Z’s request on the 4:44 album, we can give you an update on how things went down at the OFFICIAL listening session with Tidal x Sprint…

First off, obviously the album slaps, No I.D. hooked it up. There were only two listening sessions of this kind worldwide and OnlineCrates was in the building for the festivities. Off the bat, the line wasn’t too crazy getting into the event, but they were strict AF on the guest list. Jay:Z don’t care if you tryna bring your shawty to the event, but they were kind enough to hook us up plus 1 as usual. Gotta have a wrist band foo!…

Right when we walked in there were a ton of industry execs in the building as Angie Martinez handled MCing the event. Blame the Label and TC the EIC over at DX posted up for a few. And surprisingly the big homie and West Coast rap legend X to the Z aka Xzibit was there. We spent the evening chillin in X’s section while we vibed out to the new HOVA at which point the DJ followed up with a host of Jay-Z hits from over the years. It was a classic night!

At this Jay-Z 4:44 Listening session tho 🙏🏽🙌🏽 @1oakla #jayz #4:44 @tidal x @sprint

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