Amazon To Discount Prime Membership For Government Assisted Families

When you are a cutting edge company, you are always finding different ways to connect with the consumer. And as with all businesses when you do research on the consumer you find ways to expand your market share to reach new users. Knowing that low income families likely can’t afford over $100 a year for an Amazon Prime membership, Amazon will be offering a monthly fee of $5.99/month, instead of $10.99/ month.

Any U.S. citizen receiving welfare payments or food stamps can subscribe at the discounted rate and take advantage of all that Prime has to offer. The move is largely viewed as targeting customers of competitor Walmart who has about 20% of customers using food stamps to date.

While there are some benefits to the program currently customers are not be able to pay for the service with the funds on the EBT card, so there are still some kinks to work out.

According to the BBC, “the fastest growing group of customers for Prime were homes earning more than $112,000 a year,” so this move was confusing to some, but will help many.

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