FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Uses 1934 Act To Screw Internet Users

Title II Has Been Debated Over And Over, But What Is It?

When FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said that Obama’s orders for regulation of the internet would hurt investment from companies like Verizon and ATT it was not true. Flat out, point blank period. As we recall from John Oliver’s rant earlier this month, it was all basically that same smoke and mirrors that we’ve been getting from the Trump administration from Day #1.  Do you really think that major telecom companies are going to stop investing? Of course not, how many commercials have you seen when telecoms talk about making their networks better.

Yea John Oliver went in on this issue a lil bit back, but one of the most revealing components to his Net Neutrality diatribe was the part about Title II, part of the Communications Act of 1934, yes 1934.  It just makes you wonder how a law from 1934 could be regulating the internet in 2017 when it didn’t even exist. The constitution is old as shit and we use that today, but how can a law regulate something that never even existed when the law was created. Is the internet a utility or is it an information service? How do you classify it?

So basically this 1930’s act gave the FCC the authority to set prices and regulate the economies of telecoms if it felt necessary to do so  – and trust it has done so since 1934. But the most important part about Title II is that during the Obama administration, he specifically requested that the FCC use Title II to regulate broadband internet access. In essence, Obama was protecting the free and fair internet as he didn’t want the blocking of websites by an ATT or Verizon or T-Mobile for that matter on the phone.

He also said that you can’t slow down someone’s content while speeding up other content, essentially prioritizing what’s the most profitable. Calling for increased transparency and how the telecoms connect consumers to the internet with so called, “slow lanes” and “fast lanes” Obama was trying to protect the consumer. And while Pai works for the government, like many of Trump’s other hires, he is closely tied to big business as he was a Verizon lawyer. Thank you John Oliver for pointing that out.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai With His Reese’s Cup During Independent Journal Review “Mean Tweets” Reading Session

With Ajit Pai fucking up the internet, all we have now is the basic assurance from companies that they won’t do this and that isn’t sitting well with some people. Once again the Trump Admin has rolled back the progress and necessary regulation implemented by the Obama administration and the effects of this could be drastic.

For example, what if you were trying to have a Netflix and chill night with your significant other and Netflix super slow because you have internet with ATT and ATT has a deal with Amazon Video streaming services. Due to that big biz deal you’re gonna be in the slow lane if you watch Netflix. Or what you can do if you want is pay extra to use Netflix on ATT’s internet to get in the fast lane so that your Netflix works properly. It’s all a scam and another way to gouge the consumer. Big business vs. the small consumer and the FCC is siding with the big business.

From the big Reese’s coffee cup to him making fun of people who actually have concerns about Net Neutrality in a “mean Tweets reading session” with the Independent Journal Review, Ajit seems like a huge douchebag with money on his mind.   He has big business in mind and he’s already too paid up to worry about the consumer at this point.  Side note, is he getting paid by Reese’s?

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