Trumps Approval Rating Continues To Stagger To Historic Low

Trumps Approval Rating Hits All-Time Low Of 39%

He proposed an immigration ban, he bombed Syria, he’s in a virtual war of words with North Korea and the coverups and ties to Russia just keep getting deeper and deeper. Now we have a looming government shutdown and we aren’t all too sure of where this administration is going to take us or how much it’s going to cost us as taxpayers.

That being said Trump has the lowest approval rating of ANY US president since the Wall Street Journal / NBC News rating poll began. But now whats so ironic is that Trump’s budget might not pass and in turn the government will shut down partially because of the costs involved in building a border wall with Mexico. You know, the one that he vowed Mexico would pay for?

The irony of this all is that the border with Mexico is likely to be less guarded during a shutdown. During the last shutdown by our highly touted government, national monuments and parks were closed and thousands of government workers were put on unpaid leave. In fact, only one person was left to patrol the 5,000+ mile border with Canada. Imagine how bad Trump would flip if that was Mexico!?

Before 2013, when they tried to block Obama, there was a shutdown for 18 days in 1978 and two under Bill Clinton in 1995 and 1996. Lets only hope and pray this gets better, but one of the most telling parts of the NBC/Wall Street approval poll was this stat that undermines Trump’s whole demeanor and façade of “getting stuff done.”

“Thirty-nine percent give him high marks for being effective and getting things done – down from 46 percent in February.”  –via Marist Poll.