Why Democratic Reps Are Cussing More Than Ever Publicly

When asked by the Washington Post about his profane language, Dem Party Chair Tom Perez said,  “I grew up in Buffalo. We’re a blunt community. We tell it like it is.” And perhaps that ability to connect with the every day person is working. Maybe this is one thing that the Dems learned from Trump. People like it when you get a little bit dirty and crude because they can relate, it makes you more real to them.  But can it go too far?  Does anyone remember when Joe Biden said, “the Affordable Care Act is a big fuckin deal”

According to Politico.com, “Michael Adams, an Indiana University English professor and author of In Praise of Profanity, ‘ordinary people use more profanity in public situations now than they used to.’….. A 2009 study noted that we swear almost as frequently as we use first person plural pronouns. A 2016 AP/NORC poll found that one in four American adults use the f-word daily, up from 15 percent 10 years ago. The number using it “several times a day” doubled.

So maybe cussing isn’t such a big deal anymore and its necessary to connect with the average person in 2017. The disconnect with the public and politicians has been alive and well since democracy first existed, but maybe, just maybe cussing can close that gap.