(Live Stream) The Global March For Science on Earth Day

Hundreds upon thousands of critical thinking scientists and everyday average Americans who are science supporters protested around the world for a March for Science on Earth Day this past week. Donning science uniforms like lab coats and knit hats resembling brains, people came out in support of the sciences like never before.

Some may wonder why would anyone march for science? Chemistry was super boring right? How about dissecting stuff in biology? Sort of gross at times right? Well, even though it sucked at the time, it’s crucial for children’s learning and right now these programs are facing closure in many schools.

Overall there are a few things to take away from the march and protest of less than ideal practices by the new Trump administration. For example according to DeomocracyNow.org, Trump and his homies cut $7 billion in science funding including funding for the National Institutes of Health, which funds medical research… Really? So we don’t need doctors now? Not to mention with the change into a new administration, mentions of climate change were removed from most government websites, something many on the right side of the isle refuse to acknowledge. You can check out full coverage from the march via DemocracyNow.org’s stream below: