Aquadrop Melts Your Face With “Watch Me DVB” via Dim Mak’s New Noise

Yea at times all the melting face drug euphemisms can get old, but this song literaly had us hype as fuck in the office today. “Watch Me DVB” is clean, intricate and above all the bass knocks – especially when you just took a dab of some bomb as Cali wax, preferably Sativa… Er sorry off track – back to the music!

With so many parts to this song its almost like you never know what is next. This of course another Dim Mak release because they are on FIIIYER… lol Shout out everyone over there that keeps sending us tracks.

Milan’s own Aquadrop arrives on New Noise with “Watch Me DVB,” an infectious crossover tune lush with warm vocal chops and gooey future bass synths.

The project is released as part of New Noise’s newest effort, which is Dim Mak’s new music discovery imprint that focuses on cutting edge sounds from burgeoning artists across the genre spectrum.

Launched in 2010, New Noise got its start as a compilation series highlighting fresh faces handpicked by Steve Aoki and crew. By 2015, the platform evolved into a bi-weekly, free-download model based on singles.

New Noise’s current incarnation is a copyright free model that allows the budding community of Twitch gamers and amateur YouTube content creators to use New Noise music in their videos and live streams sans purchase or fees, all in exchange for linking back to the artists and their music.

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