Roc & Yella – “Trust No More” (Prod. by Soundbox)

After releasing a successful project Ain’t No Loyalty executive produced by DJ Burn One and narrated by DJ B Lord, South Carolina rappers, Roc & Yella are releasing a new song called “Trust No More” featuring the emotional and touching vocals of Candice Mims.

For this song, Roc & Yella talk about the struggles of being in a serious relationship while having trust issues. Candice Mims sings from the perspective of a woman that is trying to change the ways of her man rearranging his doubts about her and relationships in general.

” ‘Trust No More’ is a personal record that’s based off our experiences in past relationships,” Roc explained. “My verse is about how I affected other people and I was second guessing love by just being scarred from previous relationships. Yella’s verse is talking to a female saying “I’m always there if you need me.'”

Last year Roc & Yella broke into the blog world with songs like “Lost A Lot” and “Wide Open” from their mixtape Ain’t No Loyalty which was picked up by sites like ThisIs50,, Dirty Glove Bastard, HipHopDx, HHS1987, LunchNLeftovers, PassionWeiss, TrapsNTrunks, YouHeardThatNew and more.

“I can see the websites picking up on stuff and everywhere we go we see different people in different places liking different records. We can see that people are starting to know our lyrics at shows and every day, every week and every month we are just going to keep growing. We are making music for everything, at any time and that’s music for the people,” Roc added.

“Anytime you need me just call, thats all baby / You don’t trust no more, so you don’t love no more, but I could change it, rearrange it.” – Candice Mims singing on Roc & Yella’s “Trust No More”

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